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Patient Service Comes First

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COMMUNITY IMPACT, CEDAR PARK – Hilda Eisele, president of P&H Services, once wondered if not having breast cancer was going to hurt her business. P&H Services is a one-stop supplier for durable medical equipment, products and services for women affected by breast cancer.

Radiant Impressions was created by an orthodontist whose wife could not find a suitable off-the-shelf breast form following her mastectomy. A casting procedure captures every intimate detail of a woman’s remaining breast. The prosthetic is then hand-sculpted for a one-of-a-kind custom fit, exactly matching the woman’s unique contour, shape and profile.

Eisele knew the considerable gratification she received from helping others through the business, but wondered if her clients could totally trust her in the very personal decisions she was helping them make. That concern was quickly alleviated with each hug she received from satisfied clients and the flourish in business due to word-of-mouth referrals.

P&H Services was founded in 1994 as a home-based medical billing business. In 1997, Eisele outgrew her accommodations and purchased an office condominium in Round Rock.

She continued to offer billing services for a variety of physicians and durable medical equipment to companies, but realized she knew enough about the durable medical equipment marketplace to begin offering products herself.

Eisele started carrying small electrotherapy devices and then added respiratory devices used to treat sleep apnea. It was during a medical trade show that featured post-mastectomy products that Eisele realized her calling.

“I hadn’t even really researched the marketplace to determine what kind of competition I would have,” she said. “But I knew it was the service line I wanted to concentrate [on].”

Using one of her extra offices as a fitting room, she began providing women mastectomy wear, breast forms and compression garments to treat lymphedema, a side effect of some cancer treatments that results in swelling of the lymph passages.

Eisele was encouraged by her vendors to offer lymphedema products for the lower extremities as well since there was an obvious need for this service. Today, nearly 60 percent of her business deals with providing custom and off-the-shelf compression garments for both the upper and lower extremities.

With six employees, P&H Services is a certified provider of compression garments, respiratory products, electrotherapy devices, cervical traction devices, bandaging, lymphedema pumps and mastectomy products, including wigs, scarves, hats, bathing suits, mastectomy sleeves and breast forms.

P&H is the only business in the Austin area to offer Radiant Impressions, a custom prosthetic design that simulates missing breast tissue. Clients are “casted” and their chest molds are used to create prosthetics that match the remaining chest cavity tissue.

This past July, P&H relocated to its Cedar Park location. The comfortable, home setting found in the fitting rooms and boutique lets Eisele’s clients know they are not just being treated, but are being cared for, she said.