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Specializing in mastectomy and compression products

With our compassionate care philosophy, at P&H we believe we have “People to Help” and “Products to Heal.” Our clients are family, and that’s why it’s our mission to treat every patient based upon their individual health and uniqueness. We strive for 100% satisfaction and seek to provide a caring, comprehensive, high quality service to everyone trusting us with their health and medical needs.

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With our tailored products we want to get you back to your daily activity.
It’s not about what you are wearing as much as wearing a product that makes you feel functional, energetic and fashionable.

How to find the right compression for your lifestyle

Compression is personalized why shouldn’t your fitting be? Whether you come into our office or contact us online, we have certified expert fitters to find the perfect solution for you.

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Specialized and
Certified Fitters

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Our specialties include:

Custom and off-the-shelf day garments
Night-time compression garments
Alternative velcro garments

Compression Pumps
Mastectomy Bras and off-the-shelf prosthetics
Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Forms